Intellectual property

Intellectual property is one of your company's most valuable assets. With your exploitation rights you not only secure your position in the market but also protect the fundament of your success. We support you in successfully asserting your trademark, design, competition and copyright claims in national and international constellations.

  • Trademark and design law
    • Trademarks, designs and related intellectual property rights are the core components of a company and moreover secure the market position of the products and services characterized by them for decades. The administration and representation of individual trademarks up to complex trademark portfolios is the focus of our trademark law consulting practice. We see ourselves as consultants throughout the entire life cycle of a trademark, from the origin of the idea to the enforcement of registered intellectual property rights. We accompany the development of trademark strategies already in the run-up to the application, carry out the necessary researches as well as the procedural steps up to a successful registration of your trademark. In enforcing the acquired legal position, we provide the monitoring of infringements of intellectual property rights and the extrajudicial and judicial defence of your trademark rights. Through our international network we ensure both the support of international trademark rights and the enforcement in cross-border constellations.
  • Copyright law
    • We enforce your interests as creator and rights owner in practice-oriented solutions. We comprehensively protect and defend your investment in your intellectual property. We draft research and development contracts (R&D contracts), know-how and other license agreements for private customers as well as national and international companies from a wide variety of industries and sectors, thus ensuring the commercial exploitation of your intellectual property. In case of infringements, we represent our clients both in out-of-court settlements of disputes and in infringement proceedings. We provide comprehensive advice to users of intellectual property on legally secure use within the statutory and contractual limitations of use.
  • Competition law
    • The focus of our advice in the field of competition law is on ensuring a secure market presence. We advise you in advance of planned advertising measures on possible risks and develop strategies in a close cooperation with your relevant stakeholders. We provide comprehensive protection against imitators and unfair competitive business practices in the event of an infringement. We examine warning letters and competitive action and advise you on the legally required and strategically sensible procedure. Our advice is based on many years of experience and guarantees you comprehensive industrial property protection with tried and tested solutions.
  • Personality and media law
    • The protection of your personality and reputation as well as that of your company in the media public - be it in the public press, in rating portals or the various social media - is just as fundamental for your success and your existence on the market as the protection of your intellectual property rights themselves. We help you to protect your rights regarding your own image and your person from untrue allegations of facts in the press and other media and we defend your position in cases of infringement.
  • Domain law
    • We also advise you in all questions concerning your domain portfolio, such as domain names and domain registration. If your trademark or name rights are infringed by a foreign domain registration, we undertake the application for the correct dispute entries at the responsible domain registries and the proof of your property right as well as all other judicial and extrajudicial enforcements regarding the attacked domain.
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Stefan Haßdenteufel

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Danielle Hertneck
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